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Le Thug Froggo by Naguro Le Thug Froggo by Naguro


Name: Kijo
Species: Greninja
Gender: Female
Ability: Protean (Kijo can chenge her type and color by channeling a move, but she always come back to Water/Dark)
Age: 22
Nature: Impish
Characteristic: Likes to thrash about
Move Set: 

>> Water Shuriken : Common move for greninjas, Kijo can summon water to form sharp objects for close range fights or just throwing weapons. Turn her into a water type, with basic coloration.
>> Grass Knot : Kijo summon vines and root from a surface to restrain enemy movements. Turn her into a grass type, with a bright green color.
>> Dark Pulse : Kijo launch a ray of dark energy. Turn her into a dark type with a close to shiny coloration.
>> Shadow Sneak : Kijo melt in her shadow. Used to move not to attack. Turn her into a ghost type with a purple-blue-ish tone that can phase through walls, but cost of a lot of stamina.


Aliases: Shark teeth, tongue monster, Juda
Position: Rookie
D.O.B.: April 16th
Height: 1.5 meters | 4"1ft
Weight: 35 kg | 80lbs
Type: Water / Dark
Preferences: Pansexual


    Kijo is a really social pokemon, but also a little jerk. 2 years have changed to little frogadier who loved reading into a merciless greninja that enjoy picking on others. She loves to play rought and doesn't want to show any sign of weakness. The greninja never say no to a fight and often start them, even if she hates fighting at close range and prefer to keep the ennemy lock down away from her. Living as an outlaw  made her a bit greedy on the sides tho.

    She would be the first to make fun of someone in public, and doesn't mind if people do this to her as long as they are ready to dodge a few sharp water objects. Outside of battles she loves to make physical contact with everyone, often hugging friends as a greeting.

    However, she's a very chilly person when resting, since she haven't built in batteries and it's easier to talk with her. It's in these rare moment you can she that she's far more intelligent that she let people know, and that's pretty much who she was before getting abducted but she tend to fall asleep very fast when in this state.


    Kijo never met her parents. From what she know her egg was left on the doorstep of the mansion she grew up in  and that's pretty much it. The ghosts, dusknoir and frolass, were really good parents (they have been doing this for a really long time) and she didn't experienced a bad childhood. She wanted to become a wandering writer, sharing her adventures with the worlds but never found the guts to do it.

    Until he came. Fineas was the thing she had been waiting for. The honedge was the partner she needed, and it only confirmed itself as the ghosts quickly grew up in six years and became her BFF. She had already evolved  when Fineas did, and since she was in age to leave the mansion at this moment, she dragged Fineas with her to her great adventure. A big mistake.

    The doublade was still a child in his mind when they left and she wasn't the best in term of education and has the time went by she understood that this trip couldn't be succesful. Something that would be proven true a few months later, when they got ambushed. She decided to take her responsability and save Fineas life by giving hers to the bandits. The leader, an infernape found her worthy of being one of them, and without any alternative, she accepted.

    That's when her new life started. Training, stealing, hurting, even killing became her everyday life. Kijo was a fast learner, and she believed it was made for her, at least for her species. She quickly evolved into a greninja and her natural agility helped her climbing the ranks at the speed of light, and eventually she became second in command in less than two years. There was almost no trace left of the writing frogadier in her at this moment, at least that's what she though.

    One day, as she was doing her daily patrol to spot any lost civilized pokemon that could be mugged and trade for money she found an old friend. A doublade with only one scabbard wandering alone in the woods. She couldn't believe it, the world couldn't be that small. SHe followed him for a moment until the ghost inadvertently dropped a paper he had stored in the scabbard. She decided to let him go and read what was on the paper. It was talking about the dungeoneers guild recruiting.

    For a few days, Kijo didn't know what to do next. Her life with the bandits wasn't so bad and she was praised for her skills, but on the other hand the ghost was alone because of her. Then it clicked. What would Fineas do. So she did the only thing she knew he would do and challenged the infernape to a fight for the leader position. Her skills had grown a lot since the first time she fought him, and she succesfully won the fight, disbanding the clan in the process. She then took the old leader with her to the guild, bringing him to the rangers before registering herself in the treasure hunters.


-She don't know why she has this kind of teeth, but she assumed she may had a sharpedo ancestor or something
-She eats a lot of meat. The guild rules towards this bother her but she deal with it.
-She can totally swallow her whole tongue, and says she can extend it to 3 meters.
-She's having issues with stealing, since it almost became a reflex she wants to lose
-It doesn't seem like she can bite her tongue
-She likes to use her protean to turn dark type since she really love the shiny mutation of her species
-She also likes evry shiny pokemon, and will probably try to hug them on sight


"My BFF. He haven't changed at all since we got separated. He have grown up alittle bit tho."

"This little guy remind me of myself a few years ago. I like him, but he seems to have a lot of problems."

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