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Eel stuff by Naguro Eel stuff :iconnaguro:Naguro 1 0 Local silly boy by Naguro Local silly boy :iconnaguro:Naguro 3 0 More than your average bartender by Naguro More than your average bartender :iconnaguro:Naguro 4 0 No talent, only practise by Naguro No talent, only practise :iconnaguro:Naguro 4 0 Catguro by Naguro Catguro :iconnaguro:Naguro 0 0
Top log
Fineas | The training grounds. The place was becoming really familiar for Fineas. The crowd flexing, grunting, sparing, lif- Well training, was sight that could always lift the ghost spirit. It had become a regular stop when he didn't know what to do and of course a mandatory one for his morning routine. Since he wasn't sleeping his reflexes were often smothering during his aimless strolls, so having a friendly fight in the morning was perfect.
He was becoming more skilled in spotting a suitable sparring fighter. Someone who could push him. Fire types were to train his dodge, steel his block and others were for his no guard style. And god he loved to blitz opponents, not having flesh was such an advantage when trading.
But today was an empty day. Everyone seemed to be busy doing solo training or being dishonorable with some telekinesis or other dirty tricks. Fineas refused to train with this kind of people, as it was always angering him in some way provoking some Kevork outburst
:iconnaguro:Naguro 3 2
The Shadow by Naguro The Shadow :iconnaguro:Naguro 1 0
World 1 : BerryBurst Woods Zone - Part 2
Jester | "Oh my, look at this cute puppies" Jester said with a somewhat mockingly tone, as he watched the pack surrounding them. The ghost slowly charged a small shadow ball on the palm of his hand, he looked around, making sure to count how many poochyenas were around.
The mightyena was obviously the leader, who knew what the hell they wanted but Jester knew these guys could be very aggressive when one gets into their territory, wich, apparently, they did.
"Look cuties, we don't want any troubles" he said, playing with the shadow ball he had on his hand, with luck, they wouldn't be interested in starting a fight, havens help whoever dare get near his Popa.
The ghost stared directly to the mightyena's eyes, knowing he couldn't show any sight of hesitation, that could get them in trouble with this type of mons.
Rick | Poochyenas... the last pokemon Rick planned on seeing in these woods. While not a major threat to Popa and himself Type wise, their ghostly friends though ha
:iconnaguro:Naguro 1 0
World 1 : BerryBurst Woods Zone - Part 1
Fineas | It was a nice day, the sky was clear and the wind was just powerful enought to make the trees whistle without being annoying. The continuous flow of pokemon running in and out of the guild was slowly dimming itself as the sun followed it's path in sky, but the guild wouldn't stop buzzing with activity for a few hours.
Fineas was looking at the sky and the crowd at the same time, lost in though. He was taking a break on a hill between Berryburst woods and the guild. He had tried to found people doing illegal things, harrassing someone or going off limits all day, but nothing. It was a peaceful one. It seemed like even crime was taking a day off sometimes.
So here he was, lying in the grass lazily. Maybe he should try to check the path between the guild and Velo city for people in need, or at least the surroundings. But well, staying here a little bit more couldn't hurt anyone.
Jester | Jester was wanderingarount town unsure of what to do. He had a day off from his
:iconnaguro:Naguro 1 0
The Nice One by Naguro The Nice One :iconnaguro:Naguro 6 5 The feral bard by Naguro The feral bard :iconnaguro:Naguro 4 4 The Van Helsing by Naguro The Van Helsing :iconnaguro:Naguro 6 8 Le Thug Froggo by Naguro Le Thug Froggo :iconnaguro:Naguro 6 5 The Local Reporter by Naguro The Local Reporter :iconnaguro:Naguro 6 14 RP call + RP log by Naguro RP call + RP log :iconnaguro:Naguro 0 4 The Handle(s) by Naguro The Handle(s) :iconnaguro:Naguro 5 3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Yo, the name is Naguro, just a normal french baguette and a huge sucker for ghosts.

Online I'm a hacked sylveon whith forbidden moves and weird typing.

I'm learning to draw/write for personal achievement, even if 95% of my sketchbook stays in my sketchbook and my writings stay in my Stash.

I'm a pokemon trash because it helps me with both those domains.

Ye probably don't need more info if you're just passing by o/

ID pic from Connorino if you wanna know. Go check his work it's cool.


Eel stuff
Too lazy to digitalize this one but I still wanna tell everyone that Eelektross is probably my favorite electric type and definitely on my top list
Local silly boy
And another eeveelution. I have a shit ton of them because of the sylveon and I needed one for something, so I decided to give a face to one fo the names on my text files.

So here's Kankracire, the little clown of the bunch, a silly soul that wanted to be something else but well, flareon isn't that bad in the end.
More than your average bartender
And second upload of the day, still one of my rp guy.
This is the 3rd redraw I think, he went from a chubby boi to a less chubby to a now pretty dainty one, and I prefer him this way :D

Fulmine is maybe one of the character that surprised me the most, originaly created to be a nice version of me (he actually started my slow fall in the sylveon hell) and then became like, a lot. I would never have guessed that the concept "Nice me" would end up having pages and pages of background and be one of my most developped character.

He was a little rebellious child and grew up to become a bartender with a social assistant option and a really flirty behavior most of the time. He still has some bad memories clinging to his head but overall he's a happy being, and I wouldn't dare disturb it... right?
No talent, only practise
Aaaand I forgot to upload my stuff, gotta get used to it :x
Plus that my style is experiencing some pretty good changes. Darn art style, why can't you stay consistant.

But anyway, I'm trying to give a face to my cast, so meet Raizan, possibly one of the worst psychic that ever existed. But hey, even if he can't fight or lift a heavy weight, at least he can make you think about popcorn.

He was born with the simple concept that he liked messing with people and grew up pretty quickly into more than that, becoming one of the guy I have the most fun rping with.

More to come soon o/
Eyo o/

Long time since I haven't uploaded something group related heheh. I've decided to start uplaoding my doodles and stuff when I like them instead of just putting them on the pile of paper next to my desk to be forgotten.

So here's the first, Catguro or Naggycat, aka 'Number 1' and I guess one form of sona.

I love anyone able to tell who inspired this (the blue flame is a coincidence tho and is not a soul)



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