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PMDU - General tasks part 1
"Hurry up, the sun is getting down!"
Two mons were running, one Snivy with a brown hat and a Krokorok with a white coat. Their arms/vines were full of differents things. Two more were following, an Eevee with a light purple hat and an Aron, both were laughting at the others. They were all heading to the Thirsty Cactus, where their next task would take place.
Vex decided to add some fun in the task. He pushed Drogodoth and began to sprint "I bet you can't reach the spot before me!"
The Krokorok was suprised but quickly analyzed the situation and grabbed one of the grass type vine and pulled him back before taking the lead. "Ok, see ya!"
Vex grabbed his hat before it could fell and ran after Drogo.
Meanwhile ManFer and Mei Tan were talking a bit about each others. "So, how did you met that energic Snivy... ManFer right?" said the little Eevee.
The Aron nodded. "Yep, and for Vex... I know him since we're hatchlings,  and we always dreamed about exploration cause of his father, he's a
:iconnaguro:Naguro 3 1
PMDU Cactus field - Researchers task
"So here, here, here and here."
I was pointing several places on my map. We were looking for some cactus samples cause from what I heard the reseacher division in this region wasn't caring about vegetals. An huge mistake in my opinion.
I sighed "We'll need to do it fast if we want to have some free time. That mean my plan may involve you using the natural cuteness of your specie plus the fact that your young. Hope that don't bother you Mei."
"Not at all ! If I can help you that's good for me daddy !"
I looked her. I still don't understand why she's that devoted to me. "Already told ya that I'm not your dad, don't even know your parents, someone just gave me your egg while I was traveling."
"Ok Drogo !" But I knew that she wasn't caring and that she was going to call me dad at least one time before this evening.
I couldn't hide a little smile, then we started moving to our first destination.
Mei engaged another conversation soon after "So Drogo, what's your plan exactly
:iconnaguro:Naguro 3 0
Lok'tar ogar! by Naguro Lok'tar ogar! :iconnaguro:Naguro 4 2 Team Glowards - Drawn application by Naguro Team Glowards - Drawn application :iconnaguro:Naguro 5 0
PMDU Cactus field - Explorer task
"We're almost here, stay aware explorers!"
That was Gavina's voice. I was already on the way to find an escort these merchant with the group. I was having a great time, I could nearly say that I liked the heat. Wasn't the case of my friend, who was taking some rest and preparing our next tasks.
But I needed to focus on my current task. Escort the civils.
After some times, we finnaly reached the last knowed location of the merchants. Some crates and vehicle were laying around.
"They were here... maybe 3 hours ago?" said Gavina while looking at the footprints on the ground.
"More like 5 for me. Better hurry. I'm pretty sure they tried to cover in the high ground, they always do that when these Gabites are threatening to attack." Replied Hathor.
"If you say so." Gavina turned back to us "We're heading to the north!"
No one complained. That was our job, so we walked to the location that Hathor was pointing. After a short walk, we reached the top of the desert mountains, an huge plateau wit
:iconnaguro:Naguro 3 0
PMDU Cactus field - Prologue
"It's pretty hot around here..."
I can't count the number of time my mate said that in the last hours. We were in the caravan with the others guilds, on the way to Geoda.
I took a look at Vex. That's true that he wasn't in the best conditions, his leaf was becoming brown on the borders and his habitual bright green wasn't that bright.
I tried to cheer him up "Hold on, I heard that we'll stop soon. You should keep drinking and stay in the shadow."
He smiled at me "Thanks." he looked at the sky "I'm going to take a nap, wake me up if there is something important..."
But before he could even sat in the vehicle, someone throw some papers in and said "Guilds orders, all the team should begin to organize them, we'll stop in the cactus field in less than an hour!"
I froze two second, surprized, took a look at my partner who was doing the same. He grabbed the papers with his vines, throwing the hunter and researcher briefings without giving them a look. He read them quietly, then aloud. It was
:iconnaguro:Naguro 2 0
Geoda, here we are! by Naguro Geoda, here we are! :iconnaguro:Naguro 7 0


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Naguro's Profile Picture
Just a random french guy who's looking at what people are drawing/writting.
Always hungry for more fan fiction to light my sleepless nights.


Don't want to spread much more about me.


The feral bard


Name: Dragiel
Species: Sceptile
Gender: male
Ability: Unburden (Sometimes dropping your items makes the difference)
Age: 33
Nature: Quirky
Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn
Move Set: 

>> Leaf blade: Dragiel sharpens the leafs on his arms to strike opponent too close from him
>> Energy ball: Dragiel concentrate his grass energy into a ball that explodes on contact
>> Focus blast: Dragiel fires an inaccurate but powerful blast in front of him
>> Protect: Dragiel raises an energy shield to block incoming attacks


Aliases: ---
Position: ???
D.O.B.: February 15th
Height: 1.6 meters | 5"2ft
Weight: 52 kg | 115lbs
Type: Grass
Preferences: Pan


    Dragiel isn't what he tries to make everyone think, a totally civilized pokemon, and most of the time it's pretty obvious that he is feral. He doesn't know much about society rules except a few basic ones and that often leads to a mob of angry people chasing the sceptile. However, he's learning at a faster pace since he learned to roughly speak the common language. This situation was provoked by Dragiel refusing to get some education or a psychic help and forced him to learn through spying on people.

        When the Sceptile isn't busy running away from some city guards he's often awkwardly staring at people doing everyday chores or sitting in a 6-meter square 'territory' he claims for a few days when he wants to rest. He can also be seen playing the guitar when he does find one.

    Dragiel is a curious being and is easy to approach, but he stays a feral and will listen to his instincts most of the time. That often translate to him hissing at you if he thinks you're trying to do something bad (from stealing to harming) to him, but when you do engage a conversation with him, don't be surprised by his weird gestures.


      Dragiel hatched to a huge family, being the third of twelve children. The young treecko grew up pretty happily in a dungeon and eventually evolved into a reckless grovyle always looking for someone matching his speed or strength. Until he met civilization, embodied by a commando of explorers. Dragiel had already lost some fights in the past, but he had never felt that weak. These people became godly beings in the grovyle's eyes and he decided to follow them stealthily to the closest town. That's when the world changed for Dragiel.

    His first contact with civilization lit something in his mind. All those pokemons helping each other, the hunter and the prey casually talking, fire demons and steel monsters trusting each other. Everywhere he could spot illogical relations, but they were working somehow. That's when he understood how weak he was. Dragiel ran away, terrified by this vision and what it meant to his family.

    Home, he tried to share his experience but his family did not trust him. No, they couldn't trust him. They had not seen what was outside, they were like him a few days ago. Ferals. This word was now making sense for him so without regret, he left the family den. They couldn't understand that adaptation meant survival, but he could. Thus, Dragiel came back to the town, trying to blend in the crowd. His first attempts led him to prison, where he was offered an education but he refused and ran away, too afraid of those higher beings talking a language he could barely understand.

    For the next years, he wandered the region alone, first spying on people outside towns and villages. When he was feeling brave he was trying to communicate to learn some new words, new ways of integrating the ranks of civilized people. He evolved during this period, gaining much more confidence and provoking more problems in agglomerations.

    Nowadays he's able to get in and out of a city without getting arrested and plans to be able to live in town within the next decade, even if he still have his instincts deeply anchored in his mind.


    -He's using a lot of body language to make people understand what he wants
    -He hates melee fighting
    -He's afraid of fire. Really afraid.
    -He's relying on his agility to get out of any situation
    -He still wants to show his family they were wrong
    -He learned to play the guitar by sticking with a bard during their travels


The Van Helsing


Name: Kelcey
Species: Decidueye
Gender: male
Ability: Long Reach (Kelcey uses ranged items such as his spear to strike, thus not triggering contact abilities)
Age: 35
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: A little quick tempered
Move Set: 

>> Leaf blade: Kelcey reinforces his weapon with grass energy, turning them into blades.
>> Spirit shackle: Kelcey channel his ghost energy into a feather and plant it near his target to shackle them.
>> Synthesis: Kelcey heals himself thanks to the sunlight. The result depends on how bright is the sun.
>> Sucker punch: Using the opening created by someone striking, Kelcey strikes below their guard.


Aliases: Mercenary, drunk trash, GAMF, decidueye wannabe
Position: ???
D.O.B.: November 9th
Height: 1.7 meters | 5"6ft
Weight: 36.6 kg | 80.7lbs
Type: Grass / Ghost
Preferences: Pansexual, but prefers man's butt


    Kelcey could be your average neighbor or friend, being a pretty friendly bird to almost everyone, if he wasn't obsessed by two things. He hates bloodsuckers and loves drinking. These two things made what he is now, a mercenary that spent everything he gets with a contract in a bar, to wake up the next morning in a dark alley, mugged with a big hangover.

    However, if you need someone to do something he is your pokemon. Just pay him one or to drinks and promise some money and he will go to the depths of hell to get what you want, but don't fool him, except if you want to spend the next week running away from a pissed bird who wants to put you on a pyre.

    When he can't find any job in town he's usually seen in the guild working there as an outsider for any division, mostly with the Rangers and Treasure hunters.


      Kelcey didn't get the best childhood he could have. Born to a pure decidueye lineage he was supposed to maintain the tradition, learning to be a merciless hunter and a patient assassin. The training started when he was only a promising rowlet learning things fast. However, he wouldn't follow this path because just after his first evolution, he met an actual vampire. Kelcey will always remember the blood dripping, the corpse and the eyes of the beast, the base of his trauma and quest to "purge heresy". His parents quickly spotted that something was wrong with their son, but they never tried to fix the problem and instead ditched him when he was only a 14 years old dartrix, calling him a deviant.

    Fortunately, he managed to survive for a few years by himself, but expecting a bloodsucker to kill him from every shadow. And progressively this fear became hate and this hate became stronger when he evolved again. He felt like he could fight his fear and save people from those monster. That's how he became a mercenary, waiting for any report of vampires and such while doing more or less ethics jobs to survive, drowning himself in the thing he had discovered not long after getting kicked out of his home, alcohol.

   He had been living in Velo city for a dozen year now, taking advantage of the guild to the guild to gather information and surviving.


    -Experienced bar fighter, do not get badly harmed in those nowadays
    -Got his neck strings cut in a bar fight tho, now uses them to hold his spear
    -Totally changed his fighting style when he understood he could never use his bow
    -Spear is just a giant arrow, he ignore people asking him how he does it
    -The rope around his torso goes through a hole in the back of his 'cape'


Le Thug Froggo


Name: Kijo
Species: Greninja
Gender: Female
Ability: Protean (Kijo can chenge her type and color by channeling a move, but she always come back to Water/Dark)
Age: 22
Nature: Impish
Characteristic: Likes to thrash about
Move Set: 

>> Water Shuriken : Common move for greninjas, Kijo can summon water to form sharp objects for close range fights or just throwing weapons. Turn her into a water type, with basic coloration.
>> Grass Knot : Kijo summon vines and root from a surface to restrain enemy movements. Turn her into a grass type, with a bright green color.
>> Dark Pulse : Kijo launch a ray of dark energy. Turn her into a dark type with a close to shiny coloration.
>> Shadow Sneak : Kijo melt in her shadow. Used to move not to attack. Turn her into a ghost type with a purple-blue-ish tone that can phase through walls, but cost of a lot of stamina.


Aliases: Shark teeth, tongue monster, Juda
Position: Rookie
D.O.B.: April 16th
Height: 1.5 meters | 4"1ft
Weight: 35 kg | 80lbs
Type: Water / Dark
Preferences: Pansexual


    Kijo is a really social pokemon, but also a little jerk. 2 years have changed to little frogadier who loved reading into a merciless greninja that enjoy picking on others. She loves to play rought and doesn't want to show any sign of weakness. The greninja never say no to a fight and often start them, even if she hates fighting at close range and prefer to keep the ennemy lock down away from her. Living as an outlaw  made her a bit greedy on the sides tho.

    She would be the first to make fun of someone in public, and doesn't mind if people do this to her as long as they are ready to dodge a few sharp water objects. Outside of battles she loves to make physical contact with everyone, often hugging friends as a greeting.

    However, she's a very chilly person when resting, since she haven't built in batteries and it's easier to talk with her. It's in these rare moment you can she that she's far more intelligent that she let people know, and that's pretty much who she was before getting abducted but she tend to fall asleep very fast when in this state.


    Kijo never met her parents. From what she know her egg was left on the doorstep of the mansion she grew up in  and that's pretty much it. The ghosts, dusknoir and frolass, were really good parents (they have been doing this for a really long time) and she didn't experienced a bad childhood. She wanted to become a wandering writer, sharing her adventures with the worlds but never found the guts to do it.

    Until he came. Fineas was the thing she had been waiting for. The honedge was the partner she needed, and it only confirmed itself as the ghosts quickly grew up in six years and became her BFF. She had already evolved  when Fineas did, and since she was in age to leave the mansion at this moment, she dragged Fineas with her to her great adventure. A big mistake.

    The doublade was still a child in his mind when they left and she wasn't the best in term of education and has the time went by she understood that this trip couldn't be succesful. Something that would be proven true a few months later, when they got ambushed. She decided to take her responsability and save Fineas life by giving hers to the bandits. The leader, an infernape found her worthy of being one of them, and without any alternative, she accepted.

    That's when her new life started. Training, stealing, hurting, even killing became her everyday life. Kijo was a fast learner, and she believed it was made for her, at least for her species. She quickly evolved into a greninja and her natural agility helped her climbing the ranks at the speed of light, and eventually she became second in command in less than two years. There was almost no trace left of the writing frogadier in her at this moment, at least that's what she though.

    One day, as she was doing her daily patrol to spot any lost civilized pokemon that could be mugged and trade for money she found an old friend. A doublade with only one scabbard wandering alone in the woods. She couldn't believe it, the world couldn't be that small. SHe followed him for a moment until the ghost inadvertently dropped a paper he had stored in the scabbard. She decided to let him go and read what was on the paper. It was talking about the dungeoneers guild recruiting.

    For a few days, Kijo didn't know what to do next. Her life with the bandits wasn't so bad and she was praised for her skills, but on the other hand the ghost was alone because of her. Then it clicked. What would Fineas do. So she did the only thing she knew he would do and challenged the infernape to a fight for the leader position. Her skills had grown a lot since the first time she fought him, and she succesfully won the fight, disbanding the clan in the process. She then took the old leader with her to the guild, bringing him to the rangers before registering herself in the treasure hunters.


-She don't know why she has this kind of teeth, but she assumed she may had a sharpedo ancestor or something
-She eats a lot of meat. The guild rules towards this bother her but she deal with it.
-She can totally swallow her whole tongue, and says she can extend it to 3 meters.
-She's having issues with stealing, since it almost became a reflex she wants to lose
-It doesn't seem like she can bite her tongue
-She likes to use her protean to turn dark type since she really love the shiny mutation of her species
-She also likes evry shiny pokemon, and will probably try to hug them on sight


"My BFF. He haven't changed at all since we got separated. He have grown up alittle bit tho."

"This little guy remind me of myself a few years ago. I like him, but he seems to have a lot of problems."

The Local Reporter


Name: Watcher
Species: Trevenant
Gender: Male
Ability: Frisk
Age: 162
Nature: Serious
Move Set: 

>> Shadow Clawk: Watcher cover his hand with ghost energy to slash someone/something
>> Leech seed: A small seed that slowly drain someone energy
>> Phantom Force: Watcher vanish for a moment before reappearing in a close location, posibly hurting someone with ghost energy in the process
>> Substitue: Watcher use his energy to drop a plush-like clone of himself to help him


Aliases: Local reporter, Inspector, Getthehelloutofmyhouse
Position: Genral staff
D.O.B.: June 6
Height: 1.5 meters | 4"1ft
Weight: 65 kg | 143lbs
Type: Ghost / Grass
Preferences: Heterosexual


    Watcher is not a social person. He likes solitude, people staying away from him and music. He's also a hard worker and spends his day looking for his next subject, sometimes stalking someone for days without a break if he thinks the mon can give him a good scoop. When he's not lurking below your windows, he's often seen in the corner of a local bar enjoying his evening and sorting the day data.

    The way he works often leads to confusion when people don't know him, and he's sometimes mistaken for a police officer or an inspector. He doesn't mind tho, and take advantage of it to get where he shouldn't be. Watcher might be a little grumpy, but the tree can be a useful friend if you get him to talk with you. He respects artists in general but has a preference for musicians and people who appreciate good music in general. And by good, he means what he think is good.

    He's not that much of a fighter, but if you piss him he can give you a beating and put you on the "I'm gonna make sure every knows about his private life" list.


    Watcher has always been a ghost. He was born a long time ago in a forest and raised by a feral, but loving family. His mother was a trevenant like him and his father a gourgeist. The latest one had lived a few years in a city, and taught his son basic literature, math and a bunch of boring stuff. He grew up happily and when he reached his twenties found love, a leavanny named Turga. To this day, he still says that she didn't deserve a piece of old wood like him, and always compare other women to her making him look like a bit misogynous, even if he has no problem with anyone. At the time, he always thought that he was going to find his home, build a family and be happy, so he left his parents with his fiance, only to disappear for decades. Only Turga came back a few weeks after, telling everyone that a couple of day after the left, he suddenly grabbed her hands and said "Sorry" before vanishing. She had been looking but eventually renounced, and came back.

    The tree came back a century later, starling his parents. He had changed a lot, having a giant gash on the left of his body, almost no leaves left, and the ones still here looked dead anyway. He justified his absence by just repeating to everyone that he received a call. Even if he looked sad when he learned Turga had mary another mon and had died almost forty years ago, he didn't visit her or the family, saying that he wanted to remember her as the young leavanny he left behind and that her new family had no reason to see him. He then said goodbye to his parents one last time, leaving to live in the city.

    For the next years, he just stayed in town, slowly learning how to live there. Fortunately, his ghost nature didn't require him to work to fulfill his needs, so he could lazily live his life. He did not care about the guild much until recently when the courier division exploded, so he decided to get a job. He's now a reporter for the journalism section and intends to make thing stay like this for a moment, even if he's rarely seen in the office.


-Since he came back, he seems to struggle with his grass type moves
-He want to take Jazz's job when the chair will be free
-He often gives reports with exaggerated titles but does not make things up
-Speaking of titles, there is a 96% chance that they begin with "local...
-He seems to know more things than he should, to be roaming free at least
-He love taking a drink after a good day, but he have no idea where the liquid goes
-Even if it's your only way to survive, he would not hide you inside of him, he says that it feels weird and it's gross
-Watcher isn't his real name


"That's my boss. Very professionnal and has good tastes. Great guy overall"

RP call + RP log
"Many dungeoneers note their adventures somewhere, but some don't because they think they can remember everything. I'm not one of these people. Being a ghost, I can live forever and thus, I don't want to lose memory about people I knew and events I witnessed. That's why I decided to start this book after joining the guild."

The following pages are filled with sketches and journal entries, do you want to keep reading?


Fineas' app
Watcher's app
Kijo's app
Kelcey's app
Dragiel's app

RP Status: Open
Skype: No    Discord: Yes    Notes: Yes    Comments: No

note: almost everything that can happen will be considered canon for me, for the worse or the best

Important Information

Nothing for the moment, except that I'm a bit slow and if I have to start, I'll take a long time to create a situation. PM me on DA or Discord for RP, but I'm checking Discord way more often than DA, so it's your best bet p:

Ongoing RPs

Fineas + Jester + Rick + Popa
Kijo + Rune + Raranark
Kelcey + Devyn

Completed RPs

Fineas + Syrup
Kijo + Thomas
Fineas + Armin
Fineas + Aquila


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